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Services in acoustics

Consulting, surveys, and measurements in the anti-noise field

CTM Ambiente complements its offerings with a wide range of specialized services to accompany the design and implementation of tailored acoustic solutions, thus providing its customers and partners with a comprehensive and timely counseling on all aspects concerning noise abatement in industrial settings. We use the best technologies and state-of-the-art instrumentation to conduct noise surveys, impact assessments, surveys and analysis preparatory to the implementation of targeted interventions, in compliance with current regulations at the community level.

We perform predictive calculations on new or existing noise sources to prepare detailed and accurate noise impact reports and assessments using special software.

We perform acoustic measurements in indoor and outdoor environments, producing the data on which the drafting of a noise remediation plan and related interventions are based.

We produce comprehensive and technically substantiated noise impact reports and assessments, which are essential for the design of infrastructure and facilities in a wide variety of production settings.

We make noise maps that visualize noise sources and their relative spread in a given geographical location or industrial site, showing the different noise levels in different areas.

We conduct in-depth phonometric surveys to measure the noise level of a given environment or source through instrumental surveys, comparing data before and after soundproofing activities to assess the effects and monitor the trend.

We conduct acceptance tests by means of on-site surveys upon completion of noise abatement works and interventions in order to verify the performance and acoustic comfort achieved.