'Turnkey solutions' for noise pollution

Interview with Stefano Bazzocchi, managing director of CTM Ambiente

CTM Ambiente is an engineering and construction company of soundproofed and noise control systems for industrial applications, on the market since 2001 as an autonomous company.

What are the peculiarities of Ctm Ambiente?
The strength of the company is to provide turnkey solutions, ranging from acoustic surveys in the project, from the construction to the installation and testing of complex for noise control for cogeneration plants, gas turbines, cooling towers, heat exchangers and air conditioning and ventilation plants. CTM Ambiente also designs and provides soundproof containers for generators, silencers, noise barriers and noise enclosures. To find good solutions to issues related to noise problems is essential to have staff with a high level of multi-disciplinary skills, able to take care of physical, technical and economic aspects, engineering, production planning and installation. It is a creative work and varied: our strength is the ability to address the issues with common sense, imagination and originality. Recently, with a new type of innovative silencer we have successfully brought down the noise generated by two large boilers for district heating near Milan.

In which areas of the market operate?
We are active in several areas, but mainly in power generation, oil & gas and marine sector. The first sees us as a key partner player for industry to realize the noise abatement of the generation and cogeneration plants, such as the one at the new residential district and technological center service realized in Trento by Renzo Piano. In the Oil & Gas industry we build silencers and cabins of extraction and production machines, for which reliability and safety are fundamental requirements. Finally, in the Naval field we are one of the few companies to achieve soundproofing propulsion engines and fans of the largest cruise ships in the world.

In which countries are sold pro-ducts CTM Ambiente?
On all continents, but principally we sell to Italian customers, the multinationals based in Italy, which export their products all over the world. We are increasing the relations with Germany and the Middle East, countries that were affected by the crisis less.

Innovation and R & D are also important in your industry... Absolutely, so much so that we took part in two research projects funded by the Ministry of Economic Development and the European Community in the field of 'sustainable mobility' and 'active control of noise'. This latest research, led in partnership with other companies, the realization of a prototype for naval applications, which will be further developed with the Italian leading shipbuilding, to realize an industrial application which will be installed on board of passenger ships.

The headquarters of Ctm Ambiente in Magenta (Mi)

Soundproofing of the cogeneration plant in Bardonecchia (To)

Oil & Gas - Gas pump station