CTM Ambiente Builds Soundproofed Cogeneration Plant in Basiglio


CTM Ambiente has built and designed a soundproofing plant for the Milan 3 district heating and cogeneration plant. The plant is situated in Basiglio, Milan, Italy.
The plant was renovated by Evolve srl and currently consists of two 8.4MW hot water generators and a 2MW electric cogenerator powered by natural gas.
Considering the prestigious context in which the plant is installed, the required level of soundproofing is particularly high in order to guarantee maximum acoustic comfort.
The acoustic test was successfully passed to all the operating regimes of the equipment both near the border of the plant (absolute limits of entry) and near the houses facing (differential limits).
The soundproofing system by CTM Ambiente consisted of the design, construction and installation of:

    • Resonance silencers with low-pressure drop for boiler exhaust gas
    • Acoustic doors
    • Silencers for the natural ventilation of the boiler room
    • Silencers and fans for the ventilation of the cogenerator room